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Specialized Dump Truck Hauling

Whether it’s virgin cargo we’re hauling into the jobsite, or demolition debris we’re hauling away, Walls Trucking takes great pains to give each load the special attention it needs and make every delivery on-time, intact and according to specification.

Our efforts start with how we select and maintain our fleet of trucks and equipment. We purchase only name brand, late model trucks and dump trailers. These include Mack and International trucks and Hilbilt trailers. We have a variety of trucks and trailers to accommodate different needs and a mechanic on staff to keep them in optimum condition. In case there is a problem on the road, we’re prepared to respond immediately with a dedicated service truck.

Our drivers are union drivers, experienced in dump truck hauling. They know what they’re doing and are passionate about doing it right. They’re professionals who share the company’s commitment to safety and courtesy, on the road and at the jobsites, pits and quarries.

A dedicated staff of administrators and dispatchers work to support our drivers and customers with accurate and reliable communication. They make sure we are prompt and meticulous with invoices, billings, certified payroll and problem resolutions.

So if you’re looking for a company with the commitment, the drive and the means to make every delivery a special delivery, Walls Trucking is the dump truck hauling service to call.

Construction Debris

Broken Concrete
Broken Asphalt
Road Grinding

Construction Materials
(Virgin & Recycled)

PGE Materials
3 inch Stone


We are a professional company serving the hauling needs of the road construction industry.

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