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Specialized Dump Truck Hauling

For nearly a decade, Walls Trucking has served prime contractors throughout the northeast Illinois area and participated as a subcontractor on scores of major road construction projects for the various state and municipal transportation departments. Below is a highlight of this past performance.

Bigane Paving Company: Walls Trucking served as a subcontractor for Bigane Paving Company on the Chicago Department of Transportation’s North Lake Shore Drive Resurfacing project, between Oak Street and Grand Ave. The company hauled away milling and hauled in asphalt and special pea gravel. The $2.5 million repaving project gave North Lake Shore Drive its first resurfacing in 16 years. Bigane Paving specializes in asphalt paving and site development and does milling and resurfacing work. Walls Trucking has served as a subcontractor for Bigane Paving since 20??

Bigane Paving Company

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